Production & Testing Facilities

Ponaflex is committed to producing solid, flexible, and user friendly products based on our “Quality is the lifeline of the product” motive.Our manufacturing plants operate to maximize product features and increase efficiency of production. We relentlessly pursue excellence and satisfy our customers’ needs by creating exceptional value through innovative products and service solutions.


Manufacturing Equipments

  • Braided Hose Production Line
  • Water Hose Production Line
  • Spray Hose Production Line
  • Suction Hose Production Line
  • Automated Drain Hose Assembly Line
  • Automated Material Measurement & Blend System
  • Compounding Manufacturing Facility
  • Automated Hose Assembly Line
  • Profile Extrusion Production Line
  • Universal Material Testing Instrument
  • Peel Strength Measurement Instrument
  • Bending Measurement Instrument
  • Air Leak Detection Instrument
  • Water Leak Detection Instrument
  • Water Pressure Measurement Instrument
  • Hygro-Thermostat Instrument
  • Accelerated Weathering Tester
  • Drop Weight Impact Test Instrument
  • Hardness Test Instrument
  • Rubber Deterioration Test Instrument
  • Range of Measurement Instruments, Magnifier
  • Vacuum Measurement Instrument
  • Durability Measurement Instrument