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Information of PONAFLEX Corporation

Having a relationship with our customers based on trust is our company’s mission. Our Vision is to become an industrial leader with our focus on product research for the future

We, at Ponaflex, have been dedicated to satisfying customers, and we are constantly working to create a healthy society and nation. While we are committed to quality utilizing ISO Standard and Single PPM, we have been leading the industry with product improvements and innovated product developments.

In addition to quality control, Ponaflex has adapted industry leading ERP system to increase productivity and deliver effective production schedule. Ponaflex will continue to strengthen substantiality and build global competitiveness with long-term strategies. We will maintain consistent investment in new product development to yield future growth, and we will be trusted and recognized as corporate conscience entity by the society. We constantly strive to be an industrial leader that provides the products and the services to benefit the nation, the society and the customers.